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We’re Doing It Right

Apparently we’re doing something correctly… 😀 – with Stephanie at The Layton Home View on Path Ava is an artist at heart and we can usually find her somewhere in the house either doodling or painting or doing something that … Continue reading

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Ava Art

My daughter is an aspiring Van Gogh (minus the whole “cut off my ear” thing). She LOVES to draw and I often catch her scribbling on blank sheets of paper, creating designs and coloring in hearts, stars and balloons. With … Continue reading

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Artwork Breakdown

The mind of a 7-year old boy works in magical ways. The other day Christopher brought home some artwork and dutifully showed me all of the detailed work that went into each part of the drawing. Here is a detailed … Continue reading

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The End Of “Things”

I hate clutter. I don’t like messiness. It drives me crazy when there are little piles of stuff everywhere. And when you have 2 kids, you KNOW it’s gonna happen. I can’t help myself that I’m a neat freak. Truth … Continue reading

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Ava’s Art

My little girl is going to be the next Picasso. Oh I know…you think I’m kidding!? Well…just take a look at THIS action… Our Family A…white…blue…finger…thingee A Flower…that’s been stepped on? I think I see Jesus…right there! The Scream II? … Continue reading

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