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Pain & Dealing With It

Pain…for me anyways…is literally a pain in the ass. I’ve been dealing with various symptoms of sciatica and back pain for many years and after so much of it, the idea of pain is really simply…how much can you deal … Continue reading

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A Letter To My Back Pain

Dear Mr Sciatica, Hello there. How are you? I see you’ve decided to make a return visit after I thought I had gotten rid of you a little over 4 months ago. Look…I realize that you and I are gonna … Continue reading

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Feelin’ Mortal

I remember when I used to be young and…well…wore stupid looking hats…? This week, there’s a new movie hitting the theaters called “Immortals.” I don’t really know what it’s about but the trailer makes it appear to be about the … Continue reading

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Watch The Fine Print…

Because I couldn’t find any good photos that cover this topic and quite frankly… monkeys are funny. So today I had another orthopedic visit. This time we took a cool 3D look at my spine and all the stuff that’s … Continue reading

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Back To School & Other Matters

August 18, 2011. Doomsday for some. A national holiday for others. In this case, the “some” are my kids and the “others” are my wife & I as today was the first day back to school for our school district! … Continue reading

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Sciatica Sleep Schedule

Just cause rainbows & beaches make me sleepy… So this week I’m in Atlanta Johns Creek, GA working the 93rd PGA Championship for CBS & Direct TV. I’m working in the Par 3 truck. What does that mean? It means … Continue reading

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What A Pain In The A$$

So it’s back. My back pain. Although I always kind of figured it would return I had secretly hoped that I would never have to deal with it again. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and so now I’m back to suffering. … Continue reading

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So Now I Know…

Goodbye, my old friend. As I have been working out, trying to get into shape a little bit, working to make sure I lose some unwanted pounds and gain some much needed energy, there has always been a¬†thought in the … Continue reading

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