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A Letter To My Back Pain

Dear Mr Sciatica, Hello there. How are you? I see you’ve decided to make a return visit after I thought I had gotten rid of you a little over 4 months ago. Look…I realize that you and I are gonna … Continue reading

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Feelin’ Mortal

I remember when I used to be young and…well…wore stupid looking hats…? This week, there’s a new movie hitting the theaters called “Immortals.” I don’t really know what it’s about but the trailer makes it appear to be about the … Continue reading

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Watch The Fine Print…

Because I couldn’t find any good photos that cover this topic and quite frankly… monkeys are funny. So today I had another orthopedic visit. This time we took a cool 3D look at my spine and all the stuff that’s … Continue reading

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Back To School & Other Matters

August 18, 2011. Doomsday for some. A national holiday for others. In this case, the “some” are my kids and the “others” are my wife & I as today was the first day back to school for our school district! … Continue reading

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Sciatica Sleep Schedule

Just cause rainbows & beaches make me sleepy… So this week I’m in Atlanta Johns Creek, GA working the 93rd PGA Championship for CBS & Direct TV. I’m working in the Par 3 truck. What does that mean? It means … Continue reading

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What A Pain In The A$$

So it’s back. My back pain. Although I always kind of figured it would return I had secretly hoped that I would never have to deal with it again. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and so now I’m back to suffering. … Continue reading

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So Now I Know…

Goodbye, my old friend. As I have been working out, trying to get into shape a little bit, working to make sure I lose some unwanted pounds and gain some much needed energy, there has always been a¬†thought in the … Continue reading

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