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Picture Of the Day_Baseball Player

It’s right around the corner. Of course I have to finish March Madness but the following week is Opening Day here in Cincinnati. Christopher’s start of baseball season happens this weekend though. Tonight he is going to get his picture … Continue reading

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A Part Of Something Special

I’ve been working with the Reds television crew for going on 7 or 8 years now but it wasn’t until this season that I actually got to travel with the team to other cities and get a feel for how … Continue reading

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Picture Of The Day_6.14.10

The Boy Of Summer

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Catch Tag

This morning I was out tossing the ball with Christopher. Back and forth, back and forth. One got away from me and after I went to retrieve it, Christopher told me about a game that he just made up while … Continue reading

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Baseball Needs A Clock…Part Deaux

Most people who know me know that I am a sports fan. I love sports. Basketball happens to be my favorite, followed by football, then baseball and then some secondary sports (sorry Dad…but I do consider golf to be a … Continue reading

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Baseball Needs A Clock

Here’s the deal with baseball. If you are in the stands, paying 8 bucks for a beer and $4 for a tiny bag of peanuts, and you’re with your buddies on a hot, summer day and ya got nothing else … Continue reading

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Opening Day

Here’s the thing about the first day of baseball in Cincinnati. They have a parade. It usually rains. Everyone takes off work. People get very drunk. And the Reds lose. ¬†Ya wanna know what Opening Day means to me? It … Continue reading

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