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Goodbye Bootsie

In healthier days Since 1994, Bootsie has been a part of my life. She has been a faithful companion and a very good cat. She has never been the most personable feline, but that’s okay…because her sister, KC (who passed … Continue reading

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My New York Trip…She Said.

It is true that I spent a few days (5 actually…but who’s counting?) in the Big Apple. I had lots of work to do and very little time to myself. Or…did I? My blogger friend, Facebook confidanteĀ and all around amazing … Continue reading

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Tossin’ Pillows

Animal lovers are not gonna like me after this one…but hang with me here and see if you can at least see my point of view… It’s 5:50am. The reason I am awake is because of a cat. My cat. … Continue reading

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K.C. Has Seen Better Days

Yes…it’s true. I was married once before. And what did I get out of the enullment? A bike (which now sits in my garage), an ugly green recliner (which now sits at my in-laws house) and 2 cats (which now … Continue reading

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