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Kings Island Fun 2014

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Christopher’s 1st Concert

Recently I took Ava to see the Go-Go’s and the B-52’s for her first concert-going experience. For Christopher, I had to make sure it was an act that we could ALL enjoy and so I managed to get my paws … Continue reading

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One Crazy Series

Last year, the Reds rolled into San Francisco and beat the Giants in the first 2 games of the playoffs. It looked like it was gonna be easy going for the Reds as they returned to the friendly confines of … Continue reading

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Ava’s 1st Concert

June 26, 2013. That will be the date I remember when my daughter, a lover of all kinds of music (much like her dad), got to experience her first concert. Oh sure…I could have taken her to see Justin Beiber … Continue reading

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Spartans Take The Field

Earlier this week I took Christopher and a few of his teammates to Paul Brown Stadium for a quick tour. They got to see the press room, the media center, the interview room and a few other sites but the … Continue reading

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Pinnacle Of Pain

Gee…wonder where THIS pass is gonna end up? Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be a fan. If you live in Cincinnati, this past week has got to rank up there as possibly the worst week in the history of … Continue reading

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Behind The Scenes Of A Postseason Run

It was a long season that paid off for the Red Legs as they won their division and are now heading into the postseason. I only worked 79 games…but it FELT like 162. And it’s always sad when a season … Continue reading

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A Part Of Something Special

I’ve been working with the Reds television crew for going on 7 or 8 years now but it wasn’t until this season that I actually got to travel with the team to other cities and get a feel for how … Continue reading

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Where I Belong Is Where I Am At…I Think?

My family lives in a little cape cod near Cincinnati. We love it here…especially my wife, who has many friends and she loves our little neighborhood. I also enjoy it here but it’s going on 9 years and I have … Continue reading

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Kings Of Leon Are Smokin’!

A view from the cheap seats… It is true that I tossed a lot of love at Kings Of Leon last year after their release of “Only By The Night”. It truly is a fantastic album and easily the strongest CD, song by … Continue reading

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3-Way Or The Highway!

THIS is the good stuff! So I wrote a blog mentioning a Cincinnati delicacy yesterday and thoroughly confused one of my readers. And I can understand why. It sounds somewhat perverted if you have no idea what I’m talking about. … Continue reading

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Fountain Square & Cincinnati Rocks the Vote

Nothing like a little party to make ya wanna vote early…right? With Ohio adopting a rule that allows early voting, Obama’s campaign was in full swing to get ahead of the November 4th election day as much as possible. With … Continue reading

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So Much For Price Gouging

You can’t milk a polar bear…can ya? On Sunday, Hurricane Ike paid a visit to our little community here in Cincinnati. Buildings crumbled (well…a rooftop anyway), trees fell and much of my neighbors stuff was blown into my yard. There … Continue reading

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A Trip To Kings Island

So my wife’s high school friends came to town for a weekend of fun and excitement here in Cincinnati. On Friday morning we all packed up our bags and headed to Kings Island for a day. It was a hot day … Continue reading

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We’re In A Crapload Of Trouble Here Folks…

So I flipped through the pages of my morning paper this morning, as I am apt to do, and came across this story…”P&G’s Costs Go Up, Prices To Follow”. The reason this is of interest to me is because P&G … Continue reading

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