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A New Driver In The House

16 years I’ve been driving this kid around. When he was an infant, I strapped him into his car seat and listened to him screaming when we bought a new Ford Explorer (I wanted to pull the car over and … Continue reading

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What The Heck…Billboards That Constantly Change & Distract Interstate Drivers?

It might work in Vegas…but NOT Cincinnati! Forget texting and using your phone and eating and fixing your makeup and all the OTHER stuff you can do while driving your car. For me, the most distracting thing on the road … Continue reading

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Right Is The New Left

…RIGHT? I drove 7 hours to Memphis on Friday. Then drove 7 hours back to Cincinnati on Sunday. And I’m starting to realize something. I know I have discussed driving here on this blog before and I admit that I … Continue reading

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I Hate It…When I Drive Behind A Stupid Driver

Okay…now you put it in the ignition… Just so you know, Mister “I-Drive-A-Really-Big-Cadillac-And-Live-In-A-Really-Nice-Neighborhood-And-Own-A-Really-Big-Freakin’-House”, you CAN turn right on a red light in northern Kentucky and just about anywhere else in the country where there isn’t a sign saying “No Right … Continue reading

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