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Facebook Conversations

Every now & then I get into a discussion with my kids and feel the urge to share it with my Facebook friends. A friend recommended that I write them down and put them in a book. While this SOUNDS … Continue reading

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The Reason I’m “Unfriending” You

Insert Sarcastic Quote Here Hello there. It’s been awhile since last we spoke but, due to the emergence of networking sites, you and I have come in contact again after years of seperation. For awhile I thought it was cool … Continue reading

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The Morning News_7.24.2012

I don’t know about you, but MY Facebook friends are going OFF! In some cases, people are discussing in a civilized manner the topics of the past few days. But in other ways, some people are just way outta line … Continue reading

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Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Top 10 Networking Sites)?

I’m officially worn out. At first it was MySpace. MySpace was cool because it was my first launch into social networking. Granted…it was originally set up for musicians and bands and then somehow got overtaken by people like me, all … Continue reading

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Facebook Overload

Somewhere in here is my status update. Good luck finding it… In the past week, Facebook has gone public and stock for the company started at $38 a share. I happened to be in New York when this went down … Continue reading

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…Is Updating My Status To “It’s Complicated”

I am, admittedly, a Facebook junkie. Not that I spend endless hours of my day scouring for friends or playing the games (Farmville? Who came up with THAT time suck???), but I spend enough time on there to get myself … Continue reading

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Facebook Wants To Know…

“What’s on your mind?” Daily I log onto Facebook, the bastion of friendly personality conflicts, dramas and poignant prognostications, and I see this little question and I am forced to ask myself… “Self…what IS on my mind?” And I think … Continue reading

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Facebook Dilemma

These people are NOT my friends. Yet… As the mayor of Facebook, this week I have an interesting situation that I have never come across and now I am at a crossroad at what I should do. I have a … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons I Love My IPhone

My wife calls it my “girlfriend”. I call it the greatest invention since the Egg McMuffin. It is, quite literally, the best Christmas gift you can possibly give. And here are the 10 reasons why… 10. The Camera I used … Continue reading

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A Mind Is A Terrible Thing

Would YOU remember THIS face? Hey! How are you! Wow…so many years have passed, huh? You look fantastic! Are you married? Kids? What do you do? Where do you live now? Do I remember what? Oh…yeah…THAT incident! How funny that … Continue reading

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Facebook vs Twitter

As all my friends (all 400+ of them. I’m still hunting down a few…but I swear I can’t remember anyone else…) can attest…I’m kind of a Facebook fanatic. I LOVE the Facebook and all it does. From allowing me to … Continue reading

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You Might Not Know Me But You’re My Friend Anyways…

Do You Know Me? Lately, I feel like I’ve been spending more time on Facebook & Twitter than I have concentrating on blogging, and I don’t know if that is necessarily a bad thing. I mean…with Facebook I get to … Continue reading

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Good Friends, Good Times

Me & Anne now… and back in the day… As I travel around, I am lucky that I get to see and hang with good friends from my past, present and future. I get to visit so many different places … Continue reading

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The Power Of The Poke

Quite possibly the WORST album cover EVER! But it works for this blog… I love Facebook. Because of it I can rattle the cages of many a friend that I have lost track of. I now have EXACTLY 200 friends. … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons Why Facebook ROCKS

No really! I AM that skinny! Some people are myspace people. Some people are Facebook people. I started out on myspace. Hell…I have 2 myspace pages! But since…oh…I dunno…6 months ago? I have become a full-fledged Facebooker! Now…some people are … Continue reading

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