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What The Heck…Santa Claus?

C’mon dude… Santa…YOU are a bad influence. Oh sure…you come down the chimney (breaking & entering?) and leave toys laying under the tree (psychotic disorder?) and we’re supposed to be all happy about it. But according to THIS study by¬†Monash … Continue reading

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Spinning My Wheels: @#$^@!…196.7…!*@&#%???

Stick a pint of Graeter’s in there and you got me pretty much every night… So I went spinning today for the first time in over¬†3 weeks. I have been very busy working and haven’t had time to go. And … Continue reading

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What A Waist…

Okay…today was my 39 and a half birthday and, after spending a few days at the beach, I have decided that I am fat. Not in a ginormous sort of way, but in a “I’m pushing 40 and I better … Continue reading

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