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Being Better

It all started with a picture actually. A long forgotten photo that was sitting on our camera’s flashdrive, not to be seen until many months later. It was maybe in September that I plugged the camera into the computer and … Continue reading

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Destin 2013

Our vacation to Destin, FL was EXACTLY what I needed during this busy time of year. Ok…it was EXACTLY what my wife and my kids needed also and I think I can say that it was perfect for us in … Continue reading

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Going 9 With Fer

Nothing like a little Florida sunshine for spring break! This year, like last, we find ourselves in Destin, Florida, soaking up a lot of sun, enjoying the beach and getting a lot of much needed R&R. We are here with … Continue reading

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A Quick Florida Vacation

The best part about spring break is my kids get to recharge their batteries and enjoy a little downtime from homework and school. The bad part? Spring break falls on a week during a little event called The Masters. This, … Continue reading

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Camden Yards & Tropicana Field

This year I was lucky enough to get to do an American League road trip with the Reds to 2 cities that I have been to often but have never seen their ballparks. With the N.L. playing the A.L. for … Continue reading

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So My Sister Fishes For Sharks…

What do you do for a hobby? Some people take up photography. Some like to sew. Some macrame. Some people golf or play tennis or fix old furniture or cars. Some ride motorcycles or go to concerts or take baking … Continue reading

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Walt Disney World: New Orleans Riverside & Downtown Disney

Vacation time! And the kids didn’t know. Yes…that’s right…we didn’t tell the kids. There were 2 reasons for this…1) We wanted it to be a surprise. And 2) We didn’t want to have to answer “When are we going to … Continue reading

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Apollo Beach, FL

Hanging out in Tampa with my folks. Just enjoying my time and some Florida sunshine. When I get a great idea…let’s go to the beach! Soooo…we did. Here are some pictures. Not the greatest beach in the world, for sure. … Continue reading

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Picture Of The Day_1.25.09

Guess where I am…? Oh…and I have a sunburn. Damn Florida weather…

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Florida Fun

Damn it Delta! I love you ’cause you fly me EVERYWHERE and I get all kinds of mileage. But to cancel my 5:45am flight out of Gainesville was just NOT COOL! So…because of the holidays and bowl games and people … Continue reading

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