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Bawk, Bawk

Meeting Bawk The Chicken – at Grandma & Grandpa Layton’s House View on Path

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Gone Golfin’

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The Crazy Train Is Derailed

Well…you remember the challenge that was initiated by my brother. He built his “Court of Dreams” and then challenged me to a game of 1-on-1. There were multiple texts and much hype but what it all came down to was … Continue reading

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Crazy Train

The OLD Home Court…where I won 123 of 124 games… Lately I’ve been “dabbling” in playing basketball again. Although I haven’t been involved in any 5-on-5 fullcourt pickup games, I have been shooting around and playing some halfcourt games whenever … Continue reading

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The First Of The Best

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know. The 80’s made us do it!!! If you’re on Facebook, odds are you are my friend. I’ve made a lot of friends and acquaintances through the years and I can honestly say I have been very … Continue reading

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Frank’s Facial Growth

So my brother is up to something again…but nobody knows what. Apparently he’s decided to grow his facial hair until he finishes his classes or graduates or gets a life or something. Either way…there’s SOMETHING growing on his face and … Continue reading

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In My Lifetime…My Brother

There are so many ways I could go with this new category of mine. So many memories, places, people. Obviously I have to start somewhere when it comes to my siblings and so I figured I will start with one … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasures: Golfin’ With My Dad & Brother

Editor’s Note: All photos posted in this blog were taken by my brother’s camera. I take no responsibility for any fuzziness or spot shadows because my brother has a new photo organizer that allows him to play with sepia tones … Continue reading

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Picture Of The Day_The 2 Stooges

My brother & brother-in-law. Aaaaaaaand…I got nuthin’…

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I’m ANOTHER Monkey’s Uncle

Last Friday my brother, Frank, and his wife welcomed their second child and first daughter into the world. Allison is beautiful and has her mother’s good looks! (Thankfully). And her brother, A.J., has yet to figure out that now he … Continue reading

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Top 10 Changes That Come From Quitting…

Notice the fag in his left hand… My brother Frank has recently kicked his nasty smoking addiction that we (our collective family) have been giving him crap about for pretty much the last 12 years of his existence. Finally, after … Continue reading

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Picture Of The Day II_6.29.08

“Yeah…You WILL Watch “The Godfather III” and you’ll LIKE it!” OR “That’s MISTER Frank to you!” OR “Shop At Pac Sun OR ELSE!” OR “I Want YOU For The Church Of Latter Day Franks!” OR Well…I could just keep going…but … Continue reading

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