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Goodbye Summer 2014

  Well…so there ya go. ANOTHER summer come & gone. It seems the summer months FLY by and if you blink…they’re over. It was a great summer this year with trips to Denver and Cedar Point. We visited Grandma & … Continue reading

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Denver Bound

Losing a friend is always difficult. Losing 6 is next to excruciating and this week, our family lost 6 of our dearest friends to Denver, Colorado. My best bud Shayne took a job that relocated he and his family to … Continue reading

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It Takes A Village…

Today I am playing Mr. Mom while my wife works. As you may know, this is an unusual situation because I am usually the one who is off working, grinding away at the mill, working to bring home the bacon, … Continue reading

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Where I Belong Is Where I Am At…I Think?

My family lives in a little cape cod near Cincinnati. We love it here…especially my wife, who has many friends and she loves our little neighborhood. I also enjoy it here but it’s going on 9 years and I have … Continue reading

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