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Top 10 Things That Make Me Feel Closer To God

Recently my good friend Linda posted on her blog the following statement… “…if you want to be strong in the hard times…if you want to be joyful more often…if you struggle with depression ( don’t we all from time to … Continue reading

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What If…?

I was driving to work this morning and saw a billboard. On it was a baby and in large letters “God Is Pro-Life!” (or something to that affect). And this made me wonder…did they ask him/her? How do they know that God doesn’t agree … Continue reading

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Upside Down

A conversation with my daughter yesterday… “Daddy, I can spell words now!” “You can? You are getting to be a big girl, honey! What can you spell?” “I can spell ‘cat’! C-A-T!” “Nice! Very good honey…” “And ‘mom’…M-O-M!” “Excellent Ava! … Continue reading

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