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But I’m Not 52 Yet…

Last week I found myself at a local gym, signing a yearlong contract, attempting to find the motivation to get myself into some semblance of shape. Today, I found myself BACK at said gym, getting visual computer support as an … Continue reading

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Portion Control

No…this is NOT my belly…but still… I’m thinking I’m not the only person in the United States who has an issue with food. My train of thought is this…if I SEE food, I EAT food. I don’t know if it … Continue reading

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Spinning My Wheels: @#$^@!…196.7…!*@&#%???

Stick a pint of Graeter’s in there and you got me pretty much every night… So I went spinning today for the first time in overĀ 3 weeks. I have been very busy working and haven’t had time to go. And … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Seen A Grown Man Naked?

Damn…I am just soooo good lookin’! What is it with guys at the gym? First, most of them seem to love to stare at themselves in these hugh mirrors while they work out. Am I the only guy on the … Continue reading

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