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The other morning as I drove to Covington, parked and then walked to work, the eerie quiet and the foggy landscape made for a somewhat creepy morning commute. However there is always beauty to be found in such things and … Continue reading

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Outer Banks Hipstamatic

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Washington DC In The Spring

Gotta love the weather here in our nation’s capitol. Even though things are heating up overseas, the city has been quiet and very friendly this week. Here are some Hipstamatic pictures to prove it!

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Views From the Exit Row Seat

Whenever I travel (which is only every now & then), I always like to get the exit aisle seat. It’s not first class but it usually has a little more leg room and I like to think it’s for us … Continue reading

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Detroit In Hipstamatic

Ah the beauty of Detroit. The Motor City is known for it’s luscious views, it’s warm weather and it’s…wait…I’m thinking of someplace else. It’s cold in Detroit and maybe not a lot to look at. But whatever, the Hipstamatic app … Continue reading

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