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Phonin’ It In

Lately, the naughty word around our home has been “IPhone.” Just so you know, EVERYONE has one…EXCEPT for Christopher. Last summer, Steph & I got Christopher a phone so that if he were to be out riding his bike with … Continue reading

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Morning IChat

So having Facetime has been a huge asset when I travel. I get to talk to my kids like I would if I were right there in the room with them! Or do I? Here’s a sequence of events while … Continue reading

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Konversations With Kids: Christopher’s First Texting Lesson

So for Christmas my kids wanted socks, clothes, makeup and ITouches. If you think something called an ITouch is obscene, it’s not. Essentially it’s an IPhone without the phone part. But other than making phone calls, they do everything an … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons I Love My IPhone

My wife calls it my “girlfriend”. I call it the greatest invention since the Egg McMuffin. It is, quite literally, the best Christmas gift you can possibly give. And here are the 10 reasons why… 10. The Camera I used … Continue reading

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