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Old Fogey Grocery

So I mentioned a while ago that I came home sometime last spring and they had torn down our local grocery store. This, of course, was a sad day. But as I drive by it here recently, they are getting … Continue reading

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Things Change…But No One Asked MY Opinion…

Where I Used To Shop. It’s Not There Anymore…Dammit. So I’ve been gone a little bit the last month. Been working a lot. Been to various cities around the U.S. of A. and I haven’t been home enough to realize … Continue reading

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What the Heck…Health Foods?

Mmmmmm…looks tasty…costs more… Everyone is FAT! America is UNHEALTHY! We are OVERWEIGHT and can’t control our habit of going to Burger King and ordering Whoppers (on sale! 2 for 1 today!), a large fry and a shake! What is wrong with us?!?!?! Well…have … Continue reading

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