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What The Heck…The Godfather vs The Catholic Church

16 years ago or so, I became a godfather for the first time to my niece, Normandy. This past weekend, I returned home to become a godparent to my nephew, Drake, the youngest son of my youngest sibling. So imagine … Continue reading

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What If…?

I was driving to work this morning and saw a billboard. On it was a baby and in large letters “God Is Pro-Life!” (or something to that affect). And this made me wonder…did they ask him/her? How do they know that God doesn’t agree … Continue reading

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The word “Love”

Being an adult male, you would think that I would have grown out of my insecurities of using the word “love”. I’m married, have kids and a family that I love very much. However, for some reason, I feel strange … Continue reading

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