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What The Heck…McDonald’s Iced Mocha Coffee

And I quote… Aromatic espresso beans are freshly ground, right before your eyes. Rich chocolate syrup splashes in. Next, luscious milk is artfully poured into your cup. Then comes the irresistible whipped cream, sculpted perfectly. And it’s all drizzled with … Continue reading

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McDonald’s News Headlines!

  GET YOUR HEADLINES HERE! READ ALL ABOUT YOUR McDONALD’S NEWS HERE! Little did you know that Mickey D’s ain’t just a place to get a Big Mac! Apparently it’s got so much more drama to offer!!! News Headline #1: … Continue reading

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But Water Is Free…Right?

I love coffee. All kinds. And I usually like mine with a lot of cream and sugar. So I guess I’m not a “true” diehard coffee drinker. However, I generally can find myself in a Starbucks or Tim Hortons or … Continue reading

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