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Pandemic Walkabout Highlights

Throughout this pandemic, I have been taking walkabouts every day, usually with my 2 dogs in tow. 6 months into this shitshow year known as 2020, I can honestly say that, despite how bad the rest of the year has … Continue reading

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Top 25 Albums That Influenced My Life

Back in my college radio days… It’s difficult to organize a list that spans 51 years. A lot of thought has to go into it and for me…it’s very personal. As a lover of music, I find a lot of … Continue reading

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Do You Remember That Time When We Were…?

The other day, a friend of mine posted this on Facebook and it made me think. Years from now, maybe once my kids have grown and are having their own kids and I’ve retired and my co-workers have gone on … Continue reading

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The Best of 2014 (In My Opinion)

It’s the end of 2014…time for all of the “Best Of” and “Worst Of” lists. In year’s past, I have included my favorites on my other 2 media related sites but this year I’ve decided to consolidate. It seems counter-productive … Continue reading

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The Explicit Version

Hopefully NOT listening to Lil Wayne. I post a lot of things on here that involve my kids. Obviously, right now, they are the most important things going on in my life and to be perfectly honest…trying to raise kids … Continue reading

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Austin, TX

It’s not often that I get to new places. When I’m on the NFL circuit, it’s usually the same places and the same hotels and there’s something nice about that familiarity however…every now & then…it’s nice to go someplace new. … Continue reading

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Prince…NOT Prints

Ok…maybe I can see where there MIGHT be some confusion… So the musical education of my children continues. Of course, Christopher is into the rap music and Ava is partial to all the Disney tunes right now, but occasionally I … Continue reading

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What The Heck…EDM?

A different kind of mouse… This morning I took Ava and her friends to summer camp. We were listening to the radio and the girls were having fun, singing along to their favorite songs. I know I wax nostalgic for … Continue reading

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Top 10 Things That Make Me Feel Closer To God

Recently my good friend Linda posted on her blog the following statement… “…if you want to be strong in the hard times…if you want to be joyful more often…if you struggle with depression ( don’t we all from time to … Continue reading

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Top 25 Best Songs Of 2008

  The KINGS of 2008! 2008 was a big year for music. There was a huge selection of quality tunage from just about every format. I’m not gonna lie, my preference of music is alternative rock, so most of the … Continue reading

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My 80’s Soundtrack

So…I’ve gone ahead and given a complete stranger my senior picture from high school. Don’t know what kind of shame will come of it. For all I know, it will be seen by millions of women who will look back and … Continue reading

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Albums That Rock

I’m bored. So here are my favorite albums of all-time. I’m not gonna get into why’s or why not’s. Just accept it for what it is and run with it. I’m not the deepest guy you’re ever gonna meet, so … Continue reading

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R.E.M. Accelerates

  It has come to my attention that recently I have become overly agitated. I’ve tried to get past my irritability, but for some reason, I can’t seem to shake it. I’ve even thought that, once I get a little … Continue reading

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