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Waaaaaay Too Much Of A Good Thing (aka I Love My Job But Probably Not THIS Much)

Man I love my job. I really really do. I enjoy almost all aspects of it. I like the work. I like the travel. I like the sports. I like the people. It’s a great gig and after losing almost … Continue reading

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New York City…Summer 2015

If it’s Ava’s birthday then we MUST be up to something…right? This year, we all piled into a Delta regional jet and hightailed it up to New York City for a long weekend. And trust me when I tell you…it … Continue reading

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Taking A Bite Of The Big Apple

Under the bright lights of the big city! This year’s annual “We’re Over The Hill So Let’s Get Outta Dodge” reunion tour took us to New York City! Much like Seattle last year, there was plenty of food eaten (Little … Continue reading

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New York Photos (Not Taken By Me)

“Starry Night” featured at MoMA Having been to The Big Apple several times and written about it several times, I’m kinda waiting for my NEXT visit (in a few weeks with my high school buddies that traveled to Seattle with … Continue reading

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Time Keeps On Slipping (x2) Into The Future

We all know the song…right? Steve Miller Band. “Fly Like An Eagle.” 1976. Well crap….here ya go then… It’s not Bob Dylan but the lyrics go like this… Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’  Into the future  Time keeps on … Continue reading

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The Carnegie Deli & The Melo

In the city that never sleeps, there is a deli that stacks its meat so high that it takes 3 grown men to eat one sandwich. Established in 1937, the Carnegie Deli has entertained many famous celebrities, from actors to … Continue reading

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Hipstamatic New York

So I was in the Big Apple this past week for work but I was able to get out and enjoy the city a little bit. While I was there, a buddy of mine recommended an app for my IPhone … Continue reading

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New York…Liberty Island

There are so many things to do in New York, I figured I would fly in a little early and go see some sights. So here I am…what to do? I started walking and came up on the Ed Sullivan … Continue reading

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My New York Trip…She Said.

It is true that I spent a few days (5 actually…but who’s counting?) in the Big Apple. I had lots of work to do and very little time to myself. Or…did I? My blogger friend, Facebook confidante and all around amazing … Continue reading

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New York…Central Park

First off, on the way out of my hotel, right across the street, I got to see my first red carpet event! Tina Fey’s “Baby Mama” was opening here tonight. I didn’t see her or her co-star, Amy Poehler, but … Continue reading

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