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How Do We Make It Stop?

A couple of days ago, bombs were detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing 3 and injuring over 180 others. There have been many questions asked about this and other domestic attacks on innocent people. The masses … Continue reading

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There’s A Reason We Don’t Subscribe

It snowed here in the Cincinnati area yesterday so I went out early to brush some snow off my car. Got it all scraped off and noticed, buried underneath about an inch of the white stuff, our Friday morning paper. … Continue reading

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Fox News Has Got No Game

Ain’t THIS the truth??? Seriously…anybody watching this crap? Ever since Tuesday, Fox News has been reporting on Barack Obama’s Blackberry and whether or not he took the oath “officially”. Are they serious with this crap? Have they got nothing better … Continue reading

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What The Heck…Local News?

Here in Cincinnati, there is a census being taken on whether or not a local t.v. station should drop sports from their newscast.┬áHaving worked in the news industry for awhile (14 years), there are also a few things that can … Continue reading

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