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The End Of Days Or Forward Progress? I Vote The Latter…

So yesterday, November 6, 2012, our nation took to the voting booths and stations around this great nation of ours and, when the tally was complete, we…as a people…had re-elected President Obama to his 2nd term as our leader. Or … Continue reading

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Apparently We’re Not As Far Ahead As We Thought We Were…

Well…I thought I had heard it all when Dan Cathy, the head honcho at Chick-Fil-A opened his big mouth and made statements about HIS version of what constitutes marriage. In the last couple weeks, however, even MORE idiots have taken … Continue reading

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As If Teaching Wasn’t Hard Enough…

Ice cream is TAAAAASTY… If you’re a teacher and you are trying to teach your class about the election process, what would you do? Maybe take a trip to a local Board Of Elections? Maybe have someone speak about how … Continue reading

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