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So My Sister Fishes For Sharks…

What do you do for a hobby? Some people take up photography. Some like to sew. Some macrame. Some people golf or play tennis or fix old furniture or cars. Some ride motorcycles or go to concerts or take baking … Continue reading

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Family Affair: Vacation Memories

She’s the one on the far right… A new topic here on my site here is “Family Affair“. I will be reposting stories and emails that my family sends me from time to time (or possibly a phone message left … Continue reading

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Ruth Ann Gets Hitched

Gee…the groom’s kinda old, ain’t he??? So my sister went and got hitched last weekend. She’s off in the Carribean now (hopefully not. I hear there’s a hurrican blowing in down there. Maybe she stopped off in Birmingham or someplace?) but I … Continue reading

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