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My Family’s Top 10 Best Things About 2011

At Amen Corner At The Masters 2011 was a good year! I dunno if it was a “great” year but for the most part, there were many reasons to celebrate and so…drum roll please…here are MY personal Top 10 things … Continue reading

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Criss Cross Country Sauce

Let’s start the weekend of Halloween, shall we? Because that is when things really started getting a little crazy for me. Oh I realize that I don’t travel as much as some people and for them, this particular month or … Continue reading

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Talking Seattle…Again…

Puget Sound Oh…I know. I’ve written about Seattle time and time again (specifically here, here and here). But there IS something about this city that just does it for me. Don’t know if it’s the cooler but not freezing temperatures. … Continue reading

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Good For The Soul

23 years later…  Friendships come in a variety of packaging…especially when you get older. You have your work friends, your neighborhood friends, the friends that you hang with because your kids are friends, drinking friends, shopping friends, etc & so … Continue reading

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Soooo…THAT summer happened…

Tomorrow (or today, depending on your time zone), my kids go back to school. Christopher will be going into 3rd grade, Ava in 1st. I’m not sure, but I think summer officially started maybe a week ago? And now they’re … Continue reading

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Java Mania

A week or so ago I was heading to the airport, my wife & kids were dropping me off, and I was telling the kids what a great city Seattle is and all the fun things there are to do … Continue reading

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Just Out Having Fun

My main source of nourishment on the road. So tonight my wife has left me for a “Girl’s Night Out”. I haven’t been home much the last few months and she needed to blow off some steam. Can’t say I … Continue reading

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Top 10 Things To Do When Stranded In An Airport For 16 Hours

There’s our plane…and it’s goin’ nowhere fast! 16 hours is a lot of time to be spending in one place…and going NOWHERE! But I did it! Sea-Tac is a nice enough airport, but I wouldn’t wish today on my worst … Continue reading

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Christmas In Seattle

For anyone who travels, there is security in knowing certain cities. For example, I know when I go to Denver, I can find good restaurants and a Virgin Megastore on 16th Street. When I go to San Diego I know I … Continue reading

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For my money, if I had one place in the United States to visit and wanted to enjoy a totally different scene, I would recommend 2 places. The first is Seattle. I’ve been to Seattle maybe 4 times, and every … Continue reading

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