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I Wish I Gave A Crap

Please let it end… So apparently the United States is competing in a World soccer tournament of some sort (FIFA? Isn’t that the name of a doggie?) and everyone is watching…except me. I gotta be honest…I hate soccer. Not because … Continue reading

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Ava Plays Football

Actually it’s known as soccer here in the states, but apparently everywhere else in the world it’s known as “football”. Whatever dude…I call it soccer. Anyways…my daughter plays and she is still getting the hang of it. However her team … Continue reading

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Soccer Sweetie

Ava started soccer a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t able to make it to last weekend’s game, but the week previously I was there and snapping away! Here are some action shots…with a smile!  🙂

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Ava’s First Soccer Match

Oh what a beautiful day! The sky was blue, the birds were chirping. Sounds like a good day for a soccer match! And it was! Except…Ava didn’t really WANT to play soccer in the first half. She just sorta wanted … Continue reading

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