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When Sitting (& Sh!%ting) Get To Be A Problem…

So for 3 years or so, I’ve been working out, watching what I’m eating, doing my best to keep my sciatic nerve and back issues in check. Years ago, I had a herniated disc and my sciatic nerve got tweaked, … Continue reading

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Watch The Fine Print…

Because I couldn’t find any good photos that cover this topic and quite frankly… monkeys are funny. So today I had another orthopedic visit. This time we took a cool 3D look at my spine and all the stuff that’s … Continue reading

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What A Pain In The A$$

So it’s back. My back pain. Although I always kind of figured it would return I had secretly hoped that I would never have to deal with it again. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and so now I’m back to suffering. … Continue reading

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