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Taking A Bite Of The Big Apple

Under the bright lights of the big city! This year’s annual “We’re Over The Hill So Let’s Get Outta Dodge” reunion tour took us to New York City! Much like Seattle last year, there was plenty of food eaten (Little … Continue reading

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New York…Liberty Island

There are so many things to do in New York, I figured I would fly in a little early and go see some sights. So here I am…what to do? I started walking and came up on the Ed Sullivan … Continue reading

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My New York Trip…He Said

So Nathalie gave HER version of what happened. So now here is MY version of what REALLY went down. And trust me…it is nowhere near as interesting as what she thinks!   So I arrived in New York on Wednesday. … Continue reading

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My Claim To Fame

Walking around in Times Square the other day reminded me of the last time I did it. It was probably 4 years ago. I remember because it was on that day that I witnessed my claim to fame. I was … Continue reading

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New York…Times Square

Ah…New York. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. And I made it here…on a Delta/Southwest 747. I’m here for work, but I have to get out and enjoy the city! Now…you might not know this, … Continue reading

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