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Today Is A Great Day…Period.

After spending the last 6 months in the hospital or rehab, today is the day. Today at 8:45am, my Mom returned to her home and now everyone in my family can breath a sigh of relief. What that woman has … Continue reading

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Good Times In Chi-Town

It’s been a few years since the last time my high school friends got together and went on a road trip. The last time, we found ourselves in New York City. THIS time…Chicago was our town of choice and we … Continue reading

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The Healthcare & Insurance Industries Have Lost Their Everlovin’ Minds…

I’m not one to complain about much. At least I don’t feel like I do. Don’t get me wrong…I work in the television industry so there is PLENTY to whine about (just ask us), but for the most part? I’ve … Continue reading

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Taking Orders!

When in Zanesville, get some frozen custard! Ask for Normandy! Service with a smile! 😀 – at Whit’s Frozen Custard of Zanesville View on Path

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I take back the Layton Family Basketball Trophy! 3 games out of 5 (and he beat me one game where I only shot left-handed)… – at Muskingum Recreation Center View on Path

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Gone Golfin’

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Father Figure

Ava thinks I need a new hairstyle… If you were to line the holidays up in order of how they rank, I’m thinking Father’s Day is down the list somewhere. Let’s see…you have Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, … Continue reading

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