Thanksgiving 2009

This year Thanksgiving was held at my brother’s home. Frank made tables and everyone chipped in to prepare food for the day. My family brought rolls & Steph made some killer pumpkin bread! So…what did we have for dinner? Hmmm….



More turkey.

The BIGGEST turkey.

Billy fried a turkey.

So we had 2 turkeys and a half ham for 19 people. We also had all the stuffing, potatoes, green beans, desserts and breads you could think of. It was a huge meal and we still hardly made a dent in it. Guess leftovers are in order for today! We all had a blast and it’s always great seeing family together for this day…my favorite holiday of the year! Here are some photos from our family get-together. Hope you had a wonderful day as well!

Frank “sliced” up the ham

Ready to eat!

Pretty girls

AJ givin’ me “the eye”

I’m not the only one taking pictures!

Chatting online with my sister in Florida

Dad finished his meal in 8 minutes & 32 seconds. He didn’t break his record this year…

Look who got the leg!

Seriously cute!

All the grandkids

Ava gave Steph a ceramic Santa she painted!

We are really, really happy!

And now for dessert!

Guess what Christopher wants for Christmas?

Another Turkey Day done, another 10 pounds added.

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3 Responses to Thanksgiving 2009

  1. kat says:

    Had lots of fun seeing you all!! I always love Thanksgiving! 🙂

  2. mom says:

    Greatest day of the year!!! Thanks Frank and Jacque’! Enjoyed sitting around doing nothing. Love…mom P.S. Thanks, Alan for NOT posting that one picture!!!!

  3. I don’t really like turkey, but I have to admit, I DO like it deep fried. What doesn’t taste better that way?

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