Halloween 2012…OR…The One I Missed

Let me tell you…I HATE missing holidays with my family. HATE is a strong word but when I have to miss one of my favorite holidays? Yeah…HATE would be the appropriate term. So this year, I was in San Diego while my kids were trudging around our little town, collecting goodies and having fun. The weather wasn’t cooperating apparently. It was cold and crappy and so I was told there wasn’t a lot to miss but still…

I love Halloween! Not as much as Thanksgiving but maybe a little more than Christmas and a LOT more than Sweetest Day (which is a made up holiday!!!). Anyway…here are some photos of the kids as they trudged. The best part about all this is that I didn’t have to walk around in the rain and I still get to reap some of the winnings while the kids are in school! 🙂


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