Ava Goes To Camp

IMG_3970This summer, Ava has foregone swimming and Christopher decided not to join a baseball or basketball team and so…our children have found themselves with plenty of extra time on their hands! Or…have they? Actually…that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth! Both kids are keeping VERY busy with everything from volunteer work to sports camps. And for a week in June, our dear darling little young lady went to summer camp with her bestie, Bug.

For an entire week, Ava and Kate called Camp Ernst their home and they both came home with grand stories of fun and adventure! Despite the fact that she was literally worn out once she returned, Ava had a blast at camp, riding horses, hanging with new friends and just being a kid. I’m really glad she had fun at camp however it might be a while until her mother is able to let her go for another ENTIRE week. It was odd for her to be gone and quite honestly…that “No cell phone” policy is CRAZY in this day & age!!! But I get it. And I think Ava appreciated it also…

IMG_3986 IMG_4017 IMG_4046 IMG_4057 IMG_4065

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