Goodbye Barkley

Animal lovers all know the hardest part of having a pet is their last day. It’s so hard to say goodbye but eventually that day comes when you just know. Barkley had been a family member for 15 years. As a puppy, he was energetic, loving and always in good humor. Even when our young daughter tugged on his fur and roughed around with him, he loved her the most. He loved just being around us, no matter what the situation and he was always excited to go for walks so he could smell the …well…you know. He also was a big fan of dinner, often dancing for snacks and staring incessantly until dinner was served at 5pm. We all loved Barkles and when we made the decision that it was his time, it was one of the most difficult things we’ve ever done as a family.

For Barkley’s last day, we all gathered at home to spend time with him. We gave him treats, loved on him all day, petting him and allowing him nap time. He wasn’t sleeping well at the end and he was slowly losing his mental being. We would often find him staring blindly at the wall and often times he wasn’t hungry enough to eat. We knew it was his time and we didn’t want him to suffer. Barkley always loved Christmas day and he would always get excited whenever we put up the stockings (which always included one for our pets). Barkley knew there were treats in there and we always gave them their stocking first. For his final day, we loaded up a stocking just for him with treats and small toys. Obviously he didn’t have a lot of energy for them but he did sniff and enjoy a couple treats. Around 4pm the vet arrived and we said our final goodbyes to our little man. For Christmas we put up an ornament that we will hang every year. Barkley will always be a part of our family and his memory will never be forgotten.

Ava’s Best Friend
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