What Are We Doing Here?

There are days that I like to think that I know that the human race is worthy of all the glory we give to ourselves. Then there are other days where I have to wonder, “Are we just blowing a bunch of smoke?” Take today for example. I’m on a small plane (no surprise there) to Dallas. A mother and her 3 kids ranging in age of 7 to 2 get on. Apparently the airline has given them seats that are totally seperate from each other. So now you say to yourself…how could an airline do such a thing? Right? Well….I wonder that myself. Then, after waiting for everyone to get seated, the mother and her kids wait at the back of the plane in hopes that 4 strangers will give up their seats to allow them to sit together. Does that happen? Nope. So the mother has to sit in a window seat with her daughter on her lap and her 2 sons, ages 5 to 7, in seperate seats somewhere else on the plane. What the hell is wrong with us??? Are we so involved with ourselves that we can’t see the person next to us when they are in need? Are we so wrapped up in our own little lives that we can’t take just one moment and care for someone we don’t know?

I was watching t.v. the other day and there was a commercial on that had a simple message. A person stopped a guy from walking into traffic. Another person saw this happen and did something nice for someone that he didn’t know. Before long the entire 30 seconds was people helping one another. Seems so simple, and yet every day I see arrogance and selfishness and rudeness. It’s become who we are and that is a sad sight to see.

Do yourself a favor. Hold a door open for someone today. Give a few coins at the supermarket to a charity. Allow someone to get over who has their blinker on. Smile at someone passing you by on the street or in a parking lot or at Target or in a fast food line. Do something that makes you feel like a human being again, for crying out loud. It’s not all about you. It’s about us! We should be happy that we are together! I don’t think it’s all that hard.

For me…I gotta get rid of the road rage. It’s my one vice. But that being said…it’s not my fault that nobody taught you how to drive…

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2 Responses to What Are We Doing Here?

  1. katheryn bailey says:

    You work too hard.

  2. mandy says:

    How rude! Just remember, that would NEVER happen at an airline in Wisconsin! 🙂

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