A Walk In The Park

I know I complain a lot about watching my 2 children, but it really isn’t their fault that I’m a miserable old man. Seems like all they really wanna do is play and have fun. I’m the one that has worries and responsibilities! I realized this today as I went to the park with my daughter, Ava. Her brother was off to Bible Camp and she and I had another 2 hours to hang out before bedtime. So, we decided we would do a “mini-replay” of our day together last Thursday! Christopher had gone to a baseball game with his Summer Camp and Ava stayed home and hung out with me! We went to the dogpark, we went grocery shopping, Home Depot and to the library (not necessarily in that order)! She had such a wonderful time, that she talked about it all weekend! I couldn’t believe how easy she was to please!

So tonight, we took Barkley to the dogpark and went grocery shopping (needed a salad for dinner and cat litter). Can I tell you…this little girl is the love of my life. I’ve known it for a couple of years now, but I am a serious pushover with her. She just knows that I’ll give her whatever she asks for. I try to be the disciplinarian in our household, but I just can’t do it with her, no matter what I try. She is and will always be my baby girl and no matter how much she grows, she fascinates me! I could just sit and watch her play with her dolls or watch her draw or watch her eat her dinner or…well…you get the idea.

So I am watching her grow each day and with each moment she becomes more and more independent. Today she wanted me to carry her up a hill at the nature trail when we went for a walk. Looking at the hill, I groaned. It was pretty steep and I was tired…but I picked her up anyways and carried her up. I never know when she won’t need my help anymore to get up the hill, and I want her to know I will carry her whenever she needs it. Whether it’s now when she’s 3 or when she’s 30…Daddy will always be here for her. And it doesn’t matter how big that hill is, I can get her to the top safely and without complaints!

Okay…I might complain a little…but that’s just Daddy’s way! LOL

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2 Responses to A Walk In The Park

  1. danielle-lee says:

    That is so sweet to hear. I am glad you are so close to your daughter!
    I love that last pic of her and the dog. The dog’s face is just so adorable between the seats.

    Barkley IS a cute dog. And he can be annoying too! He constantly wants attention! Vey much like my son…and my daughter…and my wife…

  2. mom says:

    Alan, I want Barkley (CoCo) back!!! I’ll take Ava, too. Love…..

    Yeah…that would work out! Barkley would pee all over the downstairs, making Dad all mad and Ava would run you all over the place! Best we just visit 3 times a year! LOL

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