What the Heck…Preseason Football?

This is your brain on shoulder pads…

Hey! It’s football season folks! Well…sorta. If you are a football fan, it’s time for the fantasy leagues, the endless ESPN updates and televised games that mean absolutely nothing. But fans STILL pay top dollar to go to the games. Why?

It’s a glorified scrimmage. No one of any significance plays for any length of time. You won’t see any of your favorite players except for maybe 2 or 3 plays. Players take the chance of getting hurt for no reason. Why? What is the point? It doesn’t count!

No one wins except for the team owners. They get a ton of money for showing you their 3rd stringers. I think that’s crazy. Not so much that the owners are gonna suck as much money out of your pocket as they can…that’s just human nature. But I don’t get why people do it? Why do they march into the stadiums to drink high-priced beer and eat high-priced food? What is the point? Why not just go to a practice session? Why pay top dollar to watch something you could do for free…or cheaper?

Whatever…more work for me. However there are some things I will never understand about sports fans…

Oh well…as long as the fans are happy, it really doesn’t matter. But I’m wondering why the NFL doesn’t just extend the season? Maybe do 2 preseason games and add the final 2 as regular season games? Makes sense…and everybody wins! Right? 

Uh…does anybody really care? Maybe not. Have a great NFL season! Go Bengals!

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3 Responses to What the Heck…Preseason Football?

  1. Danielle-lee says:

    Why would the NFL extend the season when it seems (by pre-season ticket sales) that things are just fine the way they are?
    I’ll just watch it on TV, with my own over-priced beer. 🙂 Thankyouverymuch!

    Preseason sucks.

  2. lmc says:

    GO REDSKINS!!!!!

    …damn Redskins fans…

  3. Chuck says:

    The NFL needs to extend the season one week, including an extra bye week. This sep will reduce injuries.

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