2 Scores And 8 Years Ago…

My wife and I got hitched. Happy Anniversary to us! And for an anniversary gift? A trip to jolly, ol’ London.

Love you honey!

Even though I know you won’t see this because you don’t read this blog but I thought I would celebrate with my bloggy friends anyway.

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7 Responses to 2 Scores And 8 Years Ago…

  1. mom says:

    Happy Anniversary, Stephanie!!! Thanks for putting up with my son and taking such good care of my grandbabies!!! Have fun in London. Ava, I’ll see you and Christopher on the 26th!!! Oh, yes, have a nice trip, Alan. (It’s Steph’s anniversary. She changed HER name, you just got a bigger wallet!!) {Just kidding–Happy Anniversary, Son. You gotta know I luv ya’}

  2. heather says:

    Happy Anniversary! Have a great time.

  3. Happy Anniversary (despite the fact that you went to Houston instead of Dallas – I feel magnanimous today.)

    Bring sweaters and money.

    So I hear. Especially the “bring money” part…

  4. mop master says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy London!

  5. Yay I got my laptop back!! happy anniversary. Really? You get to go to London? I’m jealous!

  6. phhhst says:

    Happy Anniversary! London? Awesome.

    Thanks! I’ve never been…so we’ll see how awesome it is!

  7. Danielle-lee says:

    Happy anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful time together!!

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