Today I Was The Luckiest Guy In The World

This morning we woke up to a fresh coat of snow here in our little township. Oh goodie…white death is here! And it was really, really cold. So, as I do every morning, I went out and scraped off the cars and let the engine run a little while before taking the kids to school. The snow wasn’t that heavy and it only took a few minutes to clear the windows and brush off the top of the Explorer. Today Ava was a little late getting up (2nd day back after Christmas break…always a test) so I took Christopher to school first and let Steph get Ava dressed.

Upon my return I was running late due to traffic slowness (stupid city drivers. NO ONE knows how to drive in snow…), so I pulled into our driveway and got out to help Ava in the Explorer. Our home sits on a hill, so the Ford was sitting on an incline. Earlier, I hadn’t noticed any slipping so I didn’t set the park brake, thinking it would be okay. Well, I helped Ava down the front steps of our house and opened the car door. As she went to step up into the car, it started to slide down the damn hill!

Luckily I was holding the door for her because as it slid, so did I. Ava started to slip under the open door as it pushed against her. I grabbed her coat, holding her up as the car slid back into the street. So there I was, pushing against the car door, trying to keep a fucking 4-wheel drive truck from sliding backwards down a hill and holding onto my daughter’s coat as the car slid down into the road. Thankfully there weren’t any other vehicles parked on the street or coming at us or that could have been a disaster! At the bottom of the hill, I stumbled backwards where the driveway and the road meet. As I caught my footing I must have let go of Ava’s coat because she slipped and fell right as the car stopped moving. Her pants got a little wet and her hands were cold from landing in the street snow, but other than that…no injuries.

But damn that was scary. I’ve heard stories of kids getting run over in situations like these and that’s all I could think about as the Explorer was sliding backwards. I can’t even imagine what those parents must have been going through. So many things could have gone horribly wrong this morning but luck was on my side (or a higher power was watching) and we escaped a possible disaster.

Sometimes I am the luckiest guy in the world. Today is one of those days.

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7 Responses to Today I Was The Luckiest Guy In The World

  1. Holy crap, Alan. Thank God you are both ok! I probably would have peed my pants in that situation.

  2. Frank says:

    Wow! That is some scary stuff, give her a hug from me.

  3. mom says:

    Thank God you are both okay. Don’t think you will get over this very soon. I rolled the Jetta and almost killed Katheryn and that memory has NEVER left me. I think I am a better driver because of tht stupid thing I caused but at what cost to her and to me! Once again, Thank the Dear Lord you are both okay!!! Love….mom

  4. Amber says:

    Thank God you are O.K Here is my “Thank God” story. Monday morning Chris left for work in the snow. As he was driving east down I-70 an SUV veered into the eastbound lane from the west bound lane and crushed the small truck in front of Chris. Had it slid a second later it would have hit Chris. He pulled over and called 911. The driver of the truck in front of Chris, a male, was O.K. The driver of the SUV, a woman from Pleasantville, died on impact. What do you think would have happened to my husband in that stupid little Eclipse!?! I thank God every morning for watching over my family! Love and I’m glad you are all safe!

  5. Im glad you are all ok! Stupid SNOW

  6. ruth ann says:


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