Playing The Game

And so the conversation went like this…

Christopher: “Avaaaaaaa…I want a french fry…!”

Ava: “No. I want my fries.”

Christopher: “Pleae can I have a fry?”

Ava: “No.”

Christopher: “Daaaaad…Ava won’t give me a fry!”

Ava: “Daddy, I don’t want to give him my fries! I want my fries!”

Me: “Christopher…if Ava doesn’t want to share her fries, then that is her perogative. She doesn’t HAVE to share her fries. But it would be nice if she did. But if she doesn’t want to…then she doesn’t HAVE to. But it would be the nice thing to do…”

Christopher: (dejected) “Okay…”

Ava: “Okay…you can have a fry. One. But I want the rest…okay?”

Christopher: “Okay. Thanks Ava.”

Christopher got 3 fries. I ended up finishing them after she decided she didn’t want the rest.

The lesson learned…guilt is a very strong emotion.

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1 Response to Playing The Game

  1. Amber says:

    That reminds me of Frank and me! Hopefully they stay just as close but with a lot less fights! 🙂 I really miss you guys, can’t wait to see you.

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