Ohio State Buckeyes…Big Ten Champs & We Were There!

So I took some much needed time off this week and to cap it all off, Christopher, his buddy Jackson and I all piled into Stephanie’s Traverse and drove to Indianapolis to watch THE Ohio State Buckeyes, the #1 ranked team in the country and now the #1 overall seed in the NCAA tournament, win the Big Ten Tournament. After a close win vs Northwestern and a another tough win over Michigan, OSU needed a much bigger win over Penn State in order to secure their national prominence…and they got it. The best part…it was Christopher’s first college basketball game and we got to see a big win! Here are some pictures of our day…

At Conseco Fieldhouse

We had…seats…

A few conversations/questions from the day…

(crowd) O!…H!…I!…O!
Christopher: “Uh…dad? What are they spelling?”

Christopher: “What is their (Penn State’s) mascot?”
Me: “A Nittany Lion.”
Christopher: “It looks like a pig.”
Jackson: “No…it’s a dog. Or a vampire. It’s a pig-dog-pire!”

It kind of IS a pig-dog-pire…

Christopher: “What just happened?” (several times)

Christopher: “What did he (the announcer) just say?” (several times)

Christopher: “I want a pretzel. With cheese. And Skittles. And a water.”
Lady Behind Counter: “That’s $15.” (Christopher also ate Jackson’s ice cream)

Christopher: (after the game) “Dad…why did they put that ladder up?”
Me: “They cut down the nets after to celebrate the win.”
Jackson: “Why? Aren’t they gonna play here anymore?”


We were wearing our colors!

Post-game Celebration!

We had a great time!

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