New York Photos (Not Taken By Me)

20120427-150052.jpg“Starry Night” featured at MoMA

Having been to The Big Apple several times and written about it several times, I’m kinda waiting for my NEXT visit (in a few weeks with my high school buddies that traveled to Seattle with me last year!) to bust out another “NYC is awesome!” blog. But on this trip, I’ve run across some cool pictures NOT taken by me of this great city that I thought I would share. A majority of them came from NYC Department of Records that has recently posted a gazillion photos of old time NY. These are amazing photos and, unfortunately, everyone loves them so much that it crashed their server and now they are trying to get another one to handle the traffic.

Aaaanyhoo…here are some of the pictures that are simply amazing! There is so much history here and these pictures tell a story. In some cases, they’re not happy stories but they are stories that need to be told nevertheless…









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4 Responses to New York Photos (Not Taken By Me)

  1. Sara Hurst says:

    Awesome pictures, Alan! Thanks for sharing. Thanks also for going to see Mason. He appreciates you coming to see him. He is doing therapy and responding well.

    • Alan says:

      That’s great Sara! I wish I had seen him sooner than now though. Keep me up-to-date on his progress and I am hoping that I can get back to Columbus to see him once his physical therapy is complete!

  2. I love MOMA. I love these photos. I love visiting NYC!! : )

    • Alan says:

      I thought of all my friends YOU would especially like these ones! You should visit the database when they re-open it! I imagine all the photos are awesome!

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