Check THIS One Off The Bucket List…

Finally to our seats! Whew! Quite a climb!

I’ve always wanted to see a show at Red Rocks in Denver, CO and now I can finally say that I have. Although not my FIRST choice of musicians to see, Phillip Phillips and O.A.R. fit the bill nicely on this cool Colorado evening and both sounded outstanding live. I would have to say, after seeing O.A.R. on stage, they are a MUCH better live band than studio band! As for PP, he sounds great and he has an excellent cellist & guitarist who keep him sounding fresh, despite the fact that I think he sounds a lot like Dave Matthews.

I can’t recommend seeing a concert (ANY concert) at Red Rocks Amphitheatre enough! It’s a BEAUTIFUL location (you can see for miles in the upper seats including the city skyline), it’s got amazing acoustics and you can’t beat the atmosphere. Seriously…it’s possibly THE place in the United States to see a concert! So…given the opportunity…you should definitely catch a show there. Trust me…it’s worth it!





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