Top 10 Reasons I Love Goin’ Home

Last Year’s Summer Visit. Everybody’s Bigger Now!

This weekend I’m taking my kids to go visit their Grandma & Grandpa and their aunts and uncle and cousins in Zanesville, OH. Maybe you’ve heard of it…home of the Y-Bridge? Uh…well…that’s about it. Anyway, there are a few million reasons I like going home, but here is my Top 10 list!

10. I might run into someone I know at the Colony Square Mall.
I don’t know about you, but it’s one of the coolest things to run into someone from my past who I haven’t seen in years at the mall. Usually I don’t remember them, but I eventually come around.

9. I hang at my brother’s house.
Apparently he’s been doing some work in the backyard. He’s only been working on it for years. Let’s see what kind of concoction he’s come up with now. First he was digging a river or something, then it was a strawberry field. I assume he’s got a baseball diamond out there now. We’ll see!

8. Driving down Maple Avenue.
I used to cruise Maple when I was a teenager and it’s always fun to go and cruise in the summertime with the windows down and the music up. And it’s funny, but kids still do it to this day!

7. I get to see my nieces and nephews.
It seems like every time I go home they grow more and more. I wish I could see them more often!

Cousin A.J.

6. I get to sit on the couch, watch the Golf Channel and eat my mom’s cookies.
Don’t tell her though…I like to let her think she’s goin’ crazy! HA! Right Frank?

5. The small town feel.
Zanesville isn’t a small “small” town, but it’s just a slower pace than in Cincinnati. I don’t feel all the every-day pressures. It’s a nice little getaway for minimal dollars. KnowhatImean?

Grandpa Takes A Break From The Golf Channel

4. The kids love to visit.
Seriously, if I ever wanted to be cruel to my children, I could just tell them we’re going to Grandma’s house and then tell them we’re not. It would be the meanest thing in the world. They LOVE going and have been asking when we’re going every day since I told them we are going! It’s quite maddening, actually.

3. I go to the movies with my brother and sisters.
This trip, we’re gonna go see the new Indiana Jones flick. Can’t wait!

Uncle Frank’s Usual 2nd Shot (Minus The Cigarette)

2. Go golfing with my Dad and brother.
We don’t get out there every time I go home, but I do have a great time every time we do! My Dad plays the same course every day, so he always whips my butt. But I can get into my brother’s head a little bit. He’s a really good golfer, but he can’t seem to chip worth a lick and his putter kinda sucks. But he hits the ball really, really far. So…he’s got THAT going for him!

Grandpa Teaches Christopher How To Golf…The Right Way

1. My Mom’s cooking.
You knew this was coming. Not only is my Mom the greatest mother in the whole world, but she feeds me like I need to gain 30 pounds before I leave. And there ain’t nothing better than those pork chops and mashed potatoes and spinach. NOTHING! Love it!

The “Other” Woman In My Life

So…we leave after school on Friday! Can’t wait to see you guys! I know the kids are extra excited and I’m not gonna eat for 3 days previous so I’m all ready! LOL   🙂

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4 Responses to Top 10 Reasons I Love Goin’ Home

  1. Red says:

    What a sweet family! Love the reasons and the pictures, to boot. Sounds like yall will have a great time and come back with tons of memories!!

  2. Amber says:

    I miss you guys soooo much! Counting down till Friday. By the way, you never told me what night we’re going to Indiana. Any is good for me, but chris will want to come, too:) See ya soon! P.S. Mom definitely ROCKS!!!

  3. mandy says:

    Now there’s a top ten list we can all agree with!
    Except maybe Frank, I’m sure he’ll find SOMETHING wrong with it. 😉

  4. Kim says:

    Sounds like a blast. While I love that mom relocated to Myrtle Beach and free trips to the beach are great . . . I do miss going back home. There truly is something very calming and relaxing about spending a weekend there.

    If anyone in your family remembers me . . tell them I say hello! I always think about the old restaurant whenever I drive by on 70-East.

    And Colony Square Mall is still there? Wow. I really need to get back there sometime and check the ‘Ville out.

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