Vaca Blog 3: I Don’t Cuddle

1:40am. Somewhere in northern Virginia. Heading home from vacation and decided to stop at a Wyndham Suites Hotel. It is a quiet night. The only sounds are the hum of the air conditioner and my wife snoring lightly (yes…no matter what she says, she snores). We are staying in a 2-bed room. Queen beds. Not too big, not too small. Just right. My wife and daughter are in the bed farthest away from the air conditioner. My wife gets cold easily so that makes it an easy decision. Whenever we stay in a hotel we have this arrangement because otherwise we would never get to sleep! Ava and Christopher would be up all night, laughing and making fart noises…


Let me be right up front about this. I love my son. He is such a great kid and is definately a Godsend as far as who is and how fast he is growing into his own. But here’s the thing…he’s a bed hog and he likes to cuddle. I, on the other hand, do not.

I’ve NEVER liked to cuddle. I get really hot at night with the blankets and pillows. I sleep kinda weird with a pillow between my legs (helps my back…seriously!) and usually one over my face (although I do use this little face pillow thing that I originally bought Steph for Christmas. It works okay.), so it gets kinda warm fast. It’s another reason why I like it cooler in my room. The only time I cuddle is when Steph is really cold and needs some body heat or if…well…let’s just say unless I want things to heat up a little quicker (wink wink, nudge nudge).

So at 1:40am, when I am right at the edge of the bed and I feel Christopher’s knee in my back and his arm draped over my shoulder, it wakes me up. I get up and go pee. When I get back, this kid has SPRAWLED OUT over the ENTIRE queen size bed!!! He’s 6! And now he rules the bed!!! WTF?!?!

So now it’s 2:10am and I’m awake. Got a 6 hour drive tomorrow. I’m sure Christopher will be well rested. I will not.

Alrighty then…I guess I’ll go try and squeeze in on the other side of the bed. There’s gotta be a corner for me somewhere on a queen size bed…right?

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2 Responses to Vaca Blog 3: I Don’t Cuddle

  1. mandy says:

    You get off easy! Every one of my kids had the bad habit of rolling sideways and kicking me in the head every single time I let them sleep with me.

  2. fjl21 says:

    I feel your pain, Buster becomes a 500 lb bear when he sleeps in the bed. Try an move him and you could throw a disk. For all the strangers, Buster is a dog. Just clarifying.

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