Top 10 Reasons I Like Spinning

For the last few weeks, I’ve been going to a spinning class a couple times a week. I started out hating it. Now I am looking forward to it everytime I go. Why is that? Well…here are the Top 10 reasons why…

10. It’s not jogging.
I HATE jogging. It’s boring and it hurts my knees. Plus, I’m all by myself. I’ve always been more of a competitive person. So to not have someone there pushing me does’t help me one bit.

9. The music.
It’s fun to hear the mixes that the trainers put together. On one hand, I have my friend, Lori, who puts together a pretty good alt/pop mix. On the other hand, I have a trainer who likes all classic rock and Billy Joel (his greatest hits was on Tuesday! Which is fine until “Only A Woman” comes on in the middle of a hill. That sucked…).

8. I get alone time…without being alone.
I have liked all the people I’ve met so far in my classes that I attend and everyone is friendly and supportive. But once we start spinning, it’s me all by myself.

7. It gives me time to think.
I can’t tell you how many thoughts I have interrupted by the phone ringing or the kids crying or the dog whimpering. It’s very hard to concentrate on anything at home and with spinning I can formulate a gameplan in my head (or come up with new ideas for blogs! Like this one!).

6. It really makes me sweat!
Once it’s over, you would have sworn I just ran 4 miles! I haven’t figured out how many calories I burn per class, but I’m thinking after my workout today I got rid of the 2 slices of pizza and a beer that I had for dinner last night (Bad Alan! Bad!).

5. It doesn’t take up too much of my day.
I’m a father of 2 and work a lot, so it is imparative that whatever workout plan I eventually settle into (and I want to start mixing in some strength exercises here soon), it has to be an hour or so. I don’t have time to spend 2  or 3 hours at the gym. So spinning is perfect for me!

4. It ain’t really all that hard.
Do I sweat buckets? Yes. Do my legs ache a little after? Yes. But once it’s over, I feel rejuvanated! I’m not saying it isn’t hard because there is a mental hill that you need to get over at times, but in comparison to some of the workouts that I have tried to endure, this one seems more built for me. There isn’t as much pain that comes after I do it.

3. The women are hot…and sweaty!
Doesn’t matter the ages, all of the women in my classes are hot! Even the older women are in great shape and that keeps me motivated! Don’t want to look like a…uh…wuss in front of all these women, now do I?

2. My wife respects what I am trying to do.
Steph is not a spinner. She likes weights. However she sees me working on making myself better and she appreciates that.

1. I respect what I am trying to do.
I let myself go for too long and all it got me was a bad back and a big belly. It was time to do something about it. And now that my kids don’t need constant attention 24 hours a day, it is a little easier to slip out of the house for an hour, get a good workout in, and then get back to daddy mode without them feeling neglected. I am feeling much better about myself…and that is what it is all about!

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1 Response to Top 10 Reasons I Like Spinning

  1. danielle-lee says:

    So glad you are feeling good about it!
    I’ll let you know how I feel after my first week of boot camp!!

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