And We Thought Nipplegate Was Bad

Oh…NOW it’s okay if I show my nipple?

Ooooh…I HAD to laugh at this story. A couple of years ago at the Super Bowl, Janet Jackson flashed a nipple that was seen around the world. When it happened, a world record was set for the number of times TiVo was used to rewind and replay the event. Federal laws were put into place. Fines were handed down. People lost their jobs. Janet Jackson’s career is in shambles (which may or may not be attributed to the incident. I’m prone to think her music has just kinda sucked for the last few years). It was the boob on the boob tube that shook the nation! And now this happens and that pales in comparison!

Imagine, if you will, that your child is watching his or her favorite team on television. LeBron James goes in for a windmill dunk and just as he is taking off from the free throw line…the video cuts to hardcore porn. Well…that’s what happened in New Zealand recently when someone jump cut some porn during a CHIILDREN’S rugby match!?! Wow! Can you imagine Little Billy’s reaction to THAT?

Apparently the content was supposed to air on a pay-per-view channel and somehow got switched over. Well…whatever dude. Sounds like someone was goofing off and made a huge error! I’m picturing some computer operator who is in charge of overseeing that each channel gets routed correctly, sitting in a dark room, bored and enjoying some late night entertainment and his elbow slips, bumps a button and BLAMMO! Johnny and Sally are watching a full-blown sexcapade and no one even knows whats going on! I’m sure there were a few phone calls made, a job was lost and life in New Zealand moves on.

Not like here in the states! Janet slips in a quickee boob shot and the world goes beserk! Kinda puts THAT little slip up into perspective…huh? Here’s the story in case you wanna see for yourself. Personally, I think it’s hysterical. But it wasn’t my kids…so that kinda makes it easier to laugh!

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1 Response to And We Thought Nipplegate Was Bad

  1. danielle-lee says:

    Oh my! That is so funny!

    I thought so! At least in America it was only a second. It was over 4 minutes in New Zealand! I can’t imagine what I would think if something like that popped up during my kids “cartoon time”! LOL

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