Mister Rogers Gets The Hook

Whew…what’s that SMELL?

Sad news…after 40 years of entertaining kids every single day on PBS, Mr. Fred Rogers will getting the hook. Of course, Mr. Rogers actually died about 5 years ago…but most public tv stations are pulling “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” on Monday. Now instead of being on every day, he’ll only be on once every weekend.

It is a sad state of affairs when Mr. Rogers gets shelved. With all the crap on daytime television these days, our kids could learn a little something from the wholesome goodness that is “the Neighborhood”. Okay…yes, some of the puppets ARE a little creepy…

but there is a lot that the show has to offer. Messages of how to be a good friend, how to be an honest person and how to tie your shoes. My personal favorites were where we got to meet some of the neighbors and they would talk about their jobs. I never wanted to be ANY of Mr. Rogers’ neighbors…but they all seemed like nice people. And that was the thing about “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”…EVERYONE was nice. Not like some neighborhoods where people are angry and mean and non-communicative. In Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood, the postman, the car repairman, the doctor…EVERYONE is nice. Not a mean word is said about anything or anybody.

It’s an odd little world that Mr. Rogers lived in. And I’m gonna miss it. Not that I’ve actually watched since…oh…35 years ago. But I will miss the IDEA that if it were on my kids could watch it every day (even though they wouldn’t). The television landscape is changing and not for the better. When Mr. Rogers gets the cut back, you know Andy Griffith is next…and that will SUCK!

(F$%$& THAT! If television programmers decide to start pulling Andy Griffith I will go POSTAL!!!)

Okay…okay…fun thoughts. Fun songs…

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…a beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine?”….

Okay…better now.

If you are particularly angry about the fact that Mr. Rogers is getting the hook, you can visit “Save Mister Rogers.com“. Or if you would like to ride the trolley down memory lane and don’t want to get up at 7am on a Saturday, you can visit the Mr. Rogers website for song lyrics, a tour of his house and many other fun things! I know I go there at least 3 times a week (not).

So go…have fun. And remember…

“You are my friend. You are special!”

I wanted the trolley to be THIS big!

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5 Responses to Mister Rogers Gets The Hook

  1. Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

  2. heather says:

    I totally hated Mr. Rogers. He was absolutely the most boring thing on tv, even worse than bowling.

    WOW! A Fred-hater?!?! Who are you? And where did the nice Ms. Keltic go???

  3. Ahhhh…Mr. Rogers…Thanks for the memories. Captain Kangaroo rates right up there with him.

    What the hell ever happened to Mr. Green Jeans anyway??? He was one crazy mo-fo, for sure!

  4. This sucks!! I was a faithful “neighbor” all through my childhood until Mad Magazine did a spoof that made me think maybe I was a little too old and a little too cool.

    Well…you’ll always have Saturday morning at 7am on a local PBS station near you!

  5. danielle-lee says:

    Captain Kangaroo! Haven’t thought about him or Mr. Rogers in FOREVER! And that puppet was more than a little creepy. Did someone burn his nose??

    Maybe a rash? I dunno…

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