Chicago Is Magnificent!


My wife’s favorite city is Chicago. Any time she can, she likes to go with friends to do some shopping on the Magnificent Mile. I, on the other hand, usually only get here for work. So I do very little shopping. When I go to Chicago…I do a lot of eating! And the Windy City has quite a few great places to get your food on…

Ryan & Janice gave Tuscany a thumbs up!

Tuscany has a menu full of tasty Italian eats! Pasta of all sorts…except for spaghetti and meatballs? WTF?? Well…whatever. It’s all good at Tuscany. So who needs meatballs?

And if you’re going to Chicago, ya gotta get the pizza. The really thick crust and stuffed pizza that you can only get at Giordano’s. It’s filling and soooo good for you!


You could also Harry Caray’s…or Michael Jordan’s…or any number of restaurant’s named after people that I don’t really know.

Chi-town also is the home of 2 of the most beloved franchises in the country…the Cubs and Da Bears.



Oh yeah…and it’s the home of the Bulls. Maybe you remember THIS guy?

Of course Chicago also has it’s share of attractions, most of which I have not been too. Like I said, I’m usually here to work…but if food is considered a highlight to a city…then Chicago is a great place for a dinner and a drink!



Put me in coach!

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2 Responses to Chicago Is Magnificent!

  1. Amber says:

    I love Chicago, though I have only been there once. Chris wants to go for a few days this winter because he’s never been, and he wants the pizaa. Oh, and there is a really good aquarium there, too. Hope he doesn’t like it better than Newport or I may never see your house again… except when I blow through for business. MIss you bunches!

  2. mandy says:

    That last picture is so cute! The caption made me giggle 🙂

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