A Death In Our Family

My Dad’s older brother, Eddie, past away a couple of days ago. He was only 75. It is always a sad day when a family member dies and Uncle Eddie is the first family member to pass that I have known my entire life. My family has been very blessed as far as our family health. Although my Mom has lost family members, I admittedly never knew her side of the family very well. They’re scattered all over the country. But my Dad’s family has always been around. I remember playing with my cousins when I was a young boy, riding bikes, reading comics and hanging with all of my Dad’s family and their kids. There are quite a few of them and I have so many memories of those “good old days” when I would visit them and stay a week or two in the summertime.

My Uncle was such a good man. A caring man. And I remember him being larger than life. He & my Dad are the spitting image of their father. Same hair, same facial features. They were almost identical, except I do believe Ed is a little taller than my Dad and my Dad would argue that he was better looking. Either way…when they were together, you could tell that they were brothers. Eddie had a voice you couldn’t forget, raspy yet authoritative and he had this grin whenever he was being mischievous or joking with you.

Through the years, I have not been a good family member. Time and distance and work responsibilities have taken me away from my family and I haven’t been able to make reunions or birthdays. It happens during life and it’s unfortunate. But I will always remember Uncle Eddie as he was…a strong, fun-loving and gentle giant who was always there with a witty comment or a quick smile. My Aunt Dee is a very lucky lady for having him in her life (53 years they were married) and I can’t wait to see her and hug her and tell her how much love I have always had for her and my uncle.

I can’t believe such an important part of my life has gone but his life was one to celebrate. He was a great man and a great uncle and he will be missed.

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5 Responses to A Death In Our Family

  1. I’m sorry. : (
    Sending hugs to you and your family!

  2. kat says:

    You describe him so well. I’m really going to miss him. He was a wonderful Godfather who always made sure I knew I was special to him and Aunt Dee. He really did have a great sense of humor, didn’t he 🙂 I’m really going to miss him.

  3. mom says:

    Thank you son. Love…..mom

  4. Dan Layton says:

    Alan, I just read your kind thoughts and comments. It is comforting to hear and know how Dad impacted other family members and friends. We have such an amazing family. And I am very glad that you are part of it. I hope to see you at a family gathering soon. (maybe this summer in Zanesville).

    Thank you so much for this note about dad. Once again tears-they never stop. But neither do the memories!

    Talk to you later cousin

    • Al says:

      Danny…you’re father was very loved. After his passing I remember going through all the memories I have of him and wishing that I had seen him more than I had the last 15 years or so. I miss all of my family and I hope to see you guys very soon!

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