My Son’s Stuff

I’m pretty sure he kept those straws…

I love my son and his room is always an adventure. Some days it’s a mess. Some days it’s not so bad. And there are stories to be had in all of his toys and pictures that litter his dresser. So I thought…why not document it before he decides to clear out everything and start from scratch (like that would EVER happen?)? So I am. And here it is…

The dresser

1. Marvin Lewis & Dhani Jones signed footballs

2. Yoda

3. The Babe & Christopher & his buddy, Noah, at Great American Ball Park

4.Grandma’s Piggy Bank & a UC Bearcats Ring

5.  Bengals signed football and a Super Bowl XLII football

6. Family photo from North Carolina & Dinosaur bobblehead

7. Multiple trophies for football & basketball

8. Football photo and a Super Bowl XLIII football

9. Scarecrow picture

10. 8th Birthday picture & cousin Erik

I don’t know why…but I just think Christopher’s room is pretty cool…

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2 Responses to My Son’s Stuff

  1. Amber says:

    Yeah, #10 was the best. 😉 Tell Christopher Erik can’t wait for him to teach him his special football skills. Love to all!

  2. Amber says:

    You know, Christopher was supposed to get the picture with the football in it, too…

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