Tax Day 2011: Notes From My Round World

Aloha from the banks of the mighty Ohio River!

After returning home from a long week from The Masters last week, there have been plenty of things going on that I figured if you cared, I would share. If not…move on and don’t feel badly about it! 🙂

* Our new puppy, Stella, is getting acclimated to her new home. Sure…there are still accidents but for the most part, she is learning quickly and is always sometimes mostly a joy to be around. She DOES have her quirks though and that includes biting and being a little insistent on hanging from Barkley’s ears and tail. LOL

* I know I have a reputation for not being the best cook in the world and it is well known in our home that my daughter has a sweet tooth…but seriously Ava?

Stephanie: “Maybe when we get home your Dad will make you dinner.”

Ava: “That means we’re gonna have pasta or soup. Daddy is good at cooking those.”

Stephanie: “And that’s pretty much all he can cook.”


Ava: “Maybe when we get home he will bake us some cookies for dinner?”

Stephanie: “Um…no.”

* Stephanie started her new job today.  She will be working part-time at a cosmetic store called “Sephora.” Apparently women LOVE their makeup products! Which basically means Stephanie’s first 3 paychecks have already been spent…

* Christopher’s baseball team, The NKY Bulldogs, have been playing well here as of late. They’ve put together a few wins and last night Christopher pitched a couple of innings. He looked GREAT, holding the other team to only a few runs in those innings and his fastball was clocked at 75 mph! (just kidding) He also knocked in a few runs and got a double for the first time in his 2-year playing career! I was so proud of him and his team and they have really started to pick it up a notch. It’s a credit to his coaches and all the boys working as hard as they have been to continue to improve with each game. In a couple of weeks, Christopher’s team will travel to Indianapolis for a tournament. Here’s hoping we can pick up steam and really start to get ready for some out-of-town tournament action!

* And in MY little world, I am enjoying some really great new music by the Foo Fighters, The Raveonettes and a few other artists. If you like music, go HERE to see more of the stuff I’ve been listening too. Also…I’m in the midst of my 30 Day Song Challenge which has been extended over more of 30 days but I figured as long as I get it done…no one really cares. Actually…no one really cares anyway but you know what I mean.

* Last but by no means least…HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister Kathy today! She has the unfortunate birthday date of April 15th which means every year on her birthday I get to pay the taxman. This, for the most part, means I hate it when my sister’s birthday rolls around. But this year, I get a break and get some money back! So…there ya go! Guess I owe my sister a birthday gift, right? Happy 26th birthday sis! Again…  🙂

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3 Responses to Tax Day 2011: Notes From My Round World

  1. mandy says:

    Silly Alan, Kathy is 29 today! Just like the rest of us!
    Also, if Stephanie likes her new job, maybe she can open up a Sephora franchise at Colony Square someday…I have been saying for years that they would make a killing in Zanesville!

  2. kat says:

    It’s wonderful to finally turn 29 this year! Time just goes too quickly these days. It seems like just yesterday I was 29…
    thanks for the birthday post! love ya!

  3. Amber says:

    She looks 26, and that was an awesome video of Christopher!

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